About Us

St. Jude Parish School, Inc.

Our Philosophy

We are an educational institution that aims to form graduates who are output of holistic development imbued with necessary knowledge, skills, habits, values such that they manifest high qualities of being pious, ethical, independent, adoptive, creative, critical thinkers, globally competitive, able to use modern technology and can be counted upon as wealth of the church and hope of the nation.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves to be a Catholic Educational Institution that enjoys collaboration among stakeholders in the education, evangelization and transformation of school community, preparing ourselves both for domestic and global competitiveness and developing love for God, Church and motherland to ultimately achieve the fullness of life.

Our Mission

Provide distinct quality Catholic Education guided by religion (spirituality) as the core of the curriculum

Produce God and Church loving individuals that are agents of evangelization and transformation

Develop responsible stakeholders that value collaboration, open communication subservience to policies, rules and regulations

Develop patriotic graduate imbued with domestic and global competitiveness competencies

Our Core Values





St. Jude Parish School

Our Timeline

SJPS is expected to be more accessible to all learners who want a quality Catholic education. We look forward to continue to grow as an educational institution through the collaborative effort of all the stakeholders of SJPS.

  • Late


    Trece Martires City, the capital of Cavite Province, had several elementary and secondary schools, but no private Catholic school to call as its own. Only few parents could afford to send their children to the nearest private Catholic school that is 12 kilometers away from the city itself. These parents believed in the values of private Catholic education so they clamored for the opening of St. Jude Parish School.

    With this demand, the parish priest at that time was motivated and started a Catholic institution. The vision begun to take form.

  • 1990

    The realization came about through the meticulous hard work and undying pursuit of the vision. St. Jude Parish School was the brainchild of Fr. Nonilon B. Tibayan, the Parish Priest of St. Jude Parish Church at that time. He was the founder and first director of SJPS.

    The project did not come as a boon on a platter; it did get tough especially at the start. The classrooms then were made of pawid and other scrap construction materials. Mrs. Aida P. Ilagan and Mrs. Bessie C. Mondragon were the first two faculty members handling kindergarten classes with two four-year old and thirty-six five-year old pupils.

    A few years after the foundation of the school, structural improvements took place. Additional classrooms were built and more faculty members were hired to address the needs of the growing number of enrollees.

  • 1994

    The first elementary course was completed. In 1996, first high school class was offered and Mrs. Aida P. Ilagan was appointed as the pioneer principal. On that same year, a three - storey building was constructed through the effort of the then School Director, Rev. Fr. Teodoro B. Bawalan.

  • 1998

    Rev. Fr. Melencio Sandoval became the director and principal. A part-time academic consultant in the person of Mrs. Angelisa B. Francisco was hired to oversee the academic development of the students.

  • June


    Ms. Estelita J. Tibayan was introduced as the new principal which led to more significant changes to the school. In the succeeding months, more improvements in the school system were implemented.

  • 2003

    The administration of the school was entrusted to Rev. Fr. Marino P. Limbag as its director and to Mrs. Ma. Sabina A. Manguling as the Principal. Blast of modifications in the physical facilities and in the academic aspect became obviously noticeable.

  • September


    The directorship was passed to Rev. Fr. Ariel M. Lisama. His determination to create a big change is manifested in the physical features of the school. Visible beautification and reformation of the existing facilities came to light.

  • 2010

    By this time, the TLE Laborotary, Guidance Office and Faculty rooms were rearranged. With its continuous years of untiring and dedicated service, SJPS has overcome challenges, predicaments and successfully thrived to serve the Thaddeans and the community. SJPS has adapted innovative ways to be more competitive in reaching its goals. Incessantly, seeking for possible means to progress and enrich resources for the betterment of its main stakeholders, the students.

    These and other accomplishments of Saint Jude Parish School await every Thaddeans, committing to a holistic transformative education by integrating the school’s philosophy, mission and vision with God’s message into all aspect of the curriculum and spiritual formation.

  • January


    Cavite Diocesan Parochial School Association (CADIPSA) through the effort of the new Superintendent, Fr. Alain Manalo organized the 3-day Visioning Exercises and Strategic Planning Activity at Carmelite Retreat house in Tagaytay City. Its output was a centralized Vision, Mission and Graduate attributes of the Diocesan Schools in Cavite.

    It was a breakthrough for CADIPSA for it became the start of the one system and one direction in the diocese. This includes the adaptation of the Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) and continuous training for the Faculty to equip them with knowledge, skills and current trends in education like UBD training, K to 12 and Standard-Based Assessment (SBA). Due to this one system, one direction and other considerations to attend to the different needs of the 20 diocesan schools.

  • June 12


    Rev. Fr. Paul D. de Leon, Ph. D. assumed the new directorship. In his first year of his position a new blast of modification was seen in the school community, a four-storey building was constructed to cater the increasing number of enrollees and as preparation for the K-12 program of the Department of education. A separate HS computer laboratory was built. A new science laboratory and speech laboratory were constructed to facilitate more the learning of the students.

  • September 1


    Mr. Eric C. Bocalan was appointed as the new principal of the school. With his leadership as the new principal, St. Jude Parish School continues to provide learners the best quality Catholic Education that the school can give. The school has partnered to different educational institution to maximize the learning of the students, the Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) for the aptitude exam of all the learners and the Scholastic for the reading comprehension. A new covered court was also built. In addition, reading center and special education classrooms were constructed.

  • 2016

    Senior High School Curriculum commenced in accordance to the K-12 implementation. The school offered academic tracks with ABM, GAS, HUMSS and STEM strand.

    It was also the same year when the school had its first delegates in National Schools Press Conference, a prestige school-based competition in Journalism.

  • 2017

    First batch of Senior High School with a total of 542 graduates. A new building for SHS students was created to accommodate the increasing number of SHS enrollees. Faculty members and staff increased too.

    The school continues to make name in the fields of journalism and sports

  • 2018

    Aralinks became a partner of the school in providing quality Catholic education. All rooms were installed with LED screen.

    An SJPS delegate in Palarong Pambansa took home a championship medal in a swimming event.

  • 2020

    DICES FLEX is launched. This program caters different flexible learning modalities to students amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Though no face-to-face classes were allowed, the school provided learning modules which the students are able to accessed online or received as printed copies on their homes.